Pluma Hidalgo — organic coffee village

For the more adventurous, try a “day trip” to the mountain top coffee growing village of Pluma Hidalgo.  To get to it, you travel to Old Santa Maria Huautlco, near the international airport, and then you head across a bridge and up the mountains on a well paved road.  Here are a few photos from one of our visits.

Principal Plaza

The above photo is of their “principal plaza.”  Note the church building in the center, background.

Comedor at “Raquel”

The place to find “comedar” (food) is at “Raquel’s” restaurante right on the principal plaza.

Inside “Raquel’s” restaurant you will find a friendly spirit.  You will find chairs almost too heavy to lift. 

Heavy chairs

You will find “tiny” bannanas that are absolutely delicious ; -)  AND and a friendly hostess.

Bannanas — large

Friendly hostess

Pluma Hidalgo has a covered “ball court” hanging on the side of the mountain.  It looks like it is set up for soccer.  I don’t know what they do when a ball gets kicked off the edge.  After all, the community is perched on the top of a mountain.  They grow organic coffee under the shade trees.  We tried to buy some when in town, and they didn’t have a single bean in the warehouse.  We did find our coffee beans before going down the mountain but that is another BIG story.  Anyway, here is the “ball court” which doesn’t look anything like the ones you found in ancient ruins in Mexico 😉

Ball Court

The “ball court”  is in the photo above and their “church building” is the photo below.  The doors of the church building have some very nice stained glass, which tells a famous story using just four panes of beautiful glass.  But that, too, is another story! 

Church Building in Central Plaza

We finish this brief visit with a photo of their town banner featuring their saint.  While we were in town, we donated school supplies to their local school.  At the time, we did not realize the irony of a bunch of foreigners from USA donating to their school.  You see we had invaded their space one more time, if you consider the history beind the name of their school, “Heros de Chapultepec.”  But then, that too is another story!

Pluma Hildago Banner



  1. My husband and I took the “3 levels of Huatulco” tour in January and had a great time. It was very interesting to see how the people actually live. The mural inside the municipal building in Santa Maria was fantastic-painted by 2 17 year old girls. Then we went up to Pluma Hidalgo. The weather was fabulous. We tasted the coffee (and had to buy 2 kg) and walked around the village. We met the orchid lady and some missionaries from Wisconsin. This was a very nice tour. If you’re in Huatulco (which I highly recommend), it is worth going on it.

  2. lugar hermoso ,, magico lleno de esplendor naturaleza y donde deje el corazon…

  3. pleas can you put more pic that looks real in pluma hidalgo oaxaca

  4. We just returned from Huatulco and took same 3 levels tour. I only bought 1 kilo of coffee. Now I want more. Does anyone know where/how I can buy some on internet? By the way, the “flower lady’s” house was beautiful!

    • if you found a way to buy coffee from there, would you please share it. thanks

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